Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Watermark currently manages 70+ communities in 21 states, including CCRCs, standalone independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in addition to Medicare-certified rehabilitation and skilled nursing neighborhoods. Watermark has ownership interests in many of these assets, both on its own and through its development arm, The Freshwater Group.

As the situation progresses with COVID-19, Watermark is committed to keeping residents, families, and associates safe. Watermark’s robust tools for training, communications, and risk management are being specially utilized in this situation.

Transparent and accurate communication is a core value at Watermark. We are committed to remaining well-informed and responsive at the leading edge of this fluid situation. We are equally committed to keeping clear and transparent lines of communication open with our residents and their families.

About Watermark Retirement Communities

How GoHealthID is helping stop the spread of COVID-19 in communities

GoHealthID’s proven platform combines advanced technologies that deliver a revolutionary Infection Prevention & Immunization management solution.
Identity management

Unique QR code is assigned to every employee, thus delivering absolute encrypted ID management.

Test cases management

Our system manages test cases and also keeps audit trails while updating individual user records.

Single & multi-dose vaccination

Our reports can track employee vaccinations to help with workplace COVID-readiness assessments.

Residents & associates screening

Our system incorporates health-status reports for all staff members, residents, third-party caregives, and visitors.

Data segmentation

We divided data in groups, communities, departments, and locations to help track the progress in Infection Prevention.

Real-time reporting

Dashboard comprises real-time reports, predictive analytics, and relevant BI for all levels of the organization.

Bidirectional integration with labs

The system allows secure data exchanges and updates with labs, vaccine delivery systems, and laboratories.

HIPAA Compliance

All PII and health related data is locked in a secure encrypted HIPAA-compliant infrastructure in the form of QR codes.

Custom Integration

Our sytem assimilates all essential data from an organization’s data banks safely into one database.

Infection Prevention Platform
Explore the possibilities

Explore the possibilities

GoHealthID provides essential Infection Prevention solutions that empower health and wellness organizations to accelerate decisions, increase efficiencies while cutting costs, and dramatically augment resident and patient quality of care.